Bridging the gap between blockchain and institutions

We aim to provide on chain verification of addresses preparing for institutions

Our Vision

A multi chain system that allows the verification of people off chain which then allows their addresses to be verified on chain through NFTs. We aim to keep all sensitive data off of the blockchain as we do not want this information publicly available but allow dapps and smart contracts to be able to verify that an account has been through Know Your Customer standards. We aim to build an off chain system to manage the KYC process and then issue KYC Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that can be utilized by smart contracts and applications to verify addresses before they are able to utilize a protocol.

Use Cases

Decentralized Exchanges

Decentralized exchanges can verify a user is allowed to use their exchange based on different KYC standards

Purchasing of on chain assets

Purchasing of assets that require KYC

Centralized Exchanges

Making sure crypto coming into their exchanges is from verified sources


Active DApp Users


Total DApps


Smart Contracts


Allowance for different KYC Standards

Issuing of Verifiable NFTs

On Chain Verification Of NFTs

Personal Data secured

Easy Integration

Multi Chain

How it Works


Our dream team

Chad Blanchard


Phillip Jacobs


Brendan Stroebel


More coming soon

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